Meet Jim Pagiamtzis


  • Have spoken in the Employment Services and Social Services sector for the past 2 years “Networking your way to Success” and “ How to market and Promote You!
  • Paid speaking for Enterprise Toronto on “Do you have a Mentor”
  • Have been a fill in speaking for Enterprise Toronto twice. ( speakers didn’t show up)
  • Appeared on That regarding Centennial College article on “Three key tasks” and “Networking your way to Success”
  • Consulting work with Burkert Fluid Control on “Successful Sales Strategies and “Networking your way to Success”
  • Published articles online for Toronto Public Library and Centennial College, FedEx Freight Canada (intranet)
  • Volunteer for Junior Achievement (Economics of staying in School)
  • Member of the Diversity Council (May 2009) and internal group which holds conference calls on personal and professional development topics
  • Familiar with Personality programs DISC and Kolbe
  • Proficient in MS Office: Word,Excel, Powerpoint , Outlook
  • Active blogger for 2 years
  • Profile testimonials and
    much more.
  • Active in listen, reading and attending personal and
    professional seminars.
  • Effective communicator and implement state-of-art event management system
  • Understand and speaking Greek. In process of learning Spanish
  • Have written 4 E-books(draft) in the process of editing for future books
  • Numerous success stories available in assisting referral and friends in finding employment through my teachings on networking
  • Spoken at Trios College (Mississauga) at Career Day March 2010 on “Networking your to Success”
  • Spoken at Monarch Park Collegiate March 2010 on “Networking your way to Success” and guest keynote  speaker at Business Awards Ceremony May 2010
  • Junior Achievement participant on (Economics of  Staying in School)
    4 times
  • Active newsletter for 2+ years “Get Connected Make it Happen”
  • Active on Twitter, Plaxo, LinkedIn
  • Spoken at Career Door Inc.  4 times on  “Do you have a Mentor” and “Networking your way to Success”
  • Participating in a Entrepreneurial training system (Interbiz
    Business System)
  • Numerous recommendations on LinkedIn regarding above mentioned articles and speeches.
  • Spoken at the Phil Talyor’s  Mayoral Campaign on Sunday’s  in Toronto on Networking your to Success and Mentorship
  • Have spoken twice April and July on “Networking you way to Success”  and have had a booth at