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Get Connected in 21st Century is how entrepreneurs meet to create ongoing contacts and relationships on their Journey of Success. Written by Jim Pagiamtzis.

Jim Pagiamzis is Director Public Speakers Association, Core Certified Solution Provider Constant Contact since 2011.

 Author of Get Connected 21st Century he works with speakers and author to help learn, speak and socialize that leads to monetize there gifts to change the world from the front of the room!

He believes success is a journey, he began his speaking career speaking to groups on Networking, Mentorship and Marketing. In 2012 he aligned with Constant Contact to teaching email marketing and social media strategies to organizations all over Ontario.

Then in 2014 he started the Public Speakers Association in Toronto to assist speakers to give them community and learn strategies to monetize their expertise from Tonya Hofmann award winning speaker and author. I had the great experience to speak at the 2nd annual PSA Conference in San Antonio, Texas in 2015.

2018 is very special year it marks my 10 Anniversay as a professional speaker. Look forward to sharing new content from interview, articles and much more!





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