Canadian Business Support Services

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What is the Canadian Business Support Program (CBSP)?

CBSP is a membership community that provides access to a members area with Business Resource Partners that offer discounts and special offerings for essential business products and services not available to the public.

The membership also includes a 14 page business profile account that can be managed by any non-technical user and be customized to support the members existing brand. The online business profile can be used to compliment the business member's existing website or be used as a professional website solution.

The program manages a public business search directory that makes finding a business by city fast and easy. Registered members are upgraded to have a link to their business profile, an external website link and Google maps link added to their business listing.

Customized business reports are free of charge to all businesses that complete a one page survey specific to their business' current situation. The report could become a map towards business growth and development.

Members will also be given special invitations to both free and paid educational events through CBSP that cover topics that are focused on business development and growth relevant to start ups, small, and midsized companies.

What are your benefits for becoming a member?

SAVE TIME AND MONEY: Essential business products and services include business planning, funding, printing, marketing, advertising, accounting and more. With CBSP you can gain access to these solutions quickly, easily and save 5-50% on regular pricing. For example, the discount on one print order could save you more than your annual membership fee.

GAIN MORE CUSTOMERS: By having your business listed in the searchable business directory and having a professional business profile that is part of a website network, you will gain more online visibility and traffic. That in turn will get you more leads and the opportunity to make more sales.

INCREASE PROFITS: When you take advantage of the business workshops, events and training you will gain insights that will assist you in avoiding costly mistakes. Learn new strategies that will help you grow and develop your business in ways that increase revenue and reduce expenses.

BUILD YOUR NETWORK: As a business owner or manager it always helps to expand your network of business contacts that may be able to refer you business or offer you competitive advantages. Sometimes it's who you know and not what you know that gives you the edge you need.

FUNDING AWARENESS: By answering a series of questions about your business situation and status, CBSP can provide a custom report that gives you a new perspective and awareness of your business and how it could evolve. With the proper information, planning and vision you can gain access to funding subject to approval.


How do you get started?

Getting started is as easy as one two three.

1) Visit 2) Click Register 3) Complete and submit the registration form. Use the promotional code “7daytrial “ to get a free week to test out the membership.