Canadian Business Support Program Purpose

CBSP our purpose ants

The Canadian Business Support Program (CBSP) is a bridge between businesses and resources.

CBSP operates both online and in person through Business Development Facilitators (BDF's). A BDF is dedicated to building relationships with business leaders, owners, and manager across Canada in order to learn what their challenges are that stop them from achieving their full growth and development potential.

Once the challenges and needs are defined the BDF can then direct the business towards resources and education that will have a positive impact on their unique business goals. hosts the Canadian Business Support Program Business Directory a search friendly business directory that is available to the public.

There is also a website membership community that contains a business resource section dedicated to CBSP members. Resources found in the members area will offer discounts for their products and services to all CBSP members and or special offerings not available elsewhere.

The membership also includes a 14 page business profile account that can be managed by any non-technical member representative and be customized to support the members existing brand. The business profile can be used to compliment the businesses existing website or be used as a professional website solution.

Members will also be given special invitations to both free and paid educational events hosted by CBSP and covering topics that are focused on business development and growth relevant to start ups, small, and midsized companies.

Business masterminds and Allied Virtual Networks (AVN's) will also be supported to assist businesses in creating strategic alliances that virtually network with essential business services based on the common needs and departments of any successful business like accounting, bookkeeping, marketing, advertising, sales, legal, HR, financing, customer service, telecommunications, technical support, etc...

When a business can outsource these areas of business to strategic partners they can grow with less risk and more efficiency. Each business can focus on their areas of strength and primary service or product offering to ensure the highest value for their customers.

As CBSP gains more support it will continue to evolve with new technology
and services.



Our purpose is bridging resources,
direction, and education
for business planning, funding,
media, services, marketing, and
trade to support business development.


CBSP bridge mountains and water
CBSP business directory